Management Solutions

PROSOLVER service package has been designed to provide management solutions to our clients. A well planned & maintained management system guides your business beyond the success. Through a well-designed management system, a business can establish an internal control system to prevent frauds and errors.

Two main types of services are provided under PROSOLVER as Management System Audits & Management System Development. Some of the functions in this service are linked with TAXUDITOR service too.

Management System Audits

The existing management systems established in a clients’ businesses are independently evaluated in this this service. It helps clients to identify the mismanaged areas in their managements processes & the lacks of their available internal control systems. In an overall management audit, following areas of a business are covered. Under this we are providing an independent opinion on the existing management functions available in the businesses

- Operations Management Functions

- Human Resource Management Functions

- Marketing Management Functions

- Financial Management Functions (Collaboration with TAXUDITOR)

- Common Administration Functions

In additionally clients can make requests to conduct special management audits which are not covered in above sections such as Management Audits in Special projects, Etc.

Management System Development

In this service we develop Management Systems which are mentioned above for clients’ businesses which help to minimize the occurrence of frauds & errors in business functions. Clients can select one option from followings.

01. Management functions which we have already developed

This is most suitable for the newly established businesses without a proper management system or the businesses which are not having proper management functions with them. In this service, we are not investigating the available management systems if available.

Thereafter we establish the pre-designed management functions to clients’ businesses & the internal control systems related with those functions.

02. Request for an investigation on their management functions

This is most suitable for the businesses which are facing management problems due to the unfavourable matters is available existing management functions. If a client requires for this service, then we conduct a ‘Management Audit’ according to the clients’ requirements.

Thereafter based on the findings of conducted management audit, we develop a customized management functions & related internal control system for the clients’ businesses.