IT Based Solutions

TECHMATE is service package designed to provide technology-based solutions to our clients. Most of the modern businesses are using information technology as a competitive advantage. Therefore, other companies face difficulties in competing with those companies. As well as well-designed IT systems help the companies to establish a good internal control system.

Under TECHMATE we are providing main four categories of services as Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Software Development & Social Media Fan Page Maintaining. Technology based applications guide businesses success due to the modern trends available in the society & the globalization.

Web Development

We develop website for our client businesses according to the clients’ requirements & for a lower charge. Pre-designed web templates are already available with us & based on clients’ requirements that can be customized. As well as if client wants to have a totally new template for their website it is also possible to develop with the professional web developers in Exito Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

The mobile version & the tablet PC version of the websites which clients have to get is also provided under the web development service. Additionally, if clients want the back-end facility assigning with developed website, it can be also provided by our web developers. If not, the required basic knowledge to back-end will be provided by us.

Mobile App Development

We build mobile applications according to the requirements our clients. By using those mobile applications businesses can attract new customers & retain their existing customers for long period of time. Mobile applications are much suitable for businesses which are in online business industry such as e-commerce, travelling, trip advisory, Etc. As well as other businesses which want to build a mobile application, we are ready to fulfill clients’ requirements.

Mobile applications are more user-friendly than websites. It is much helpful to the businesses to increase their sales. So, Exito Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd builds clients’ mobile applications more attractively to bring them the success. Client can select already developed mobile applications for similar nature of tasks or customized new mobile application.

Software Development

Different types of softwares are required to make easier the day-to-day activities in a business. Because, most of the manual activities can be automated through the well-developed softwares. We build the softwares according to the clients’ requirements to make easier of clients’ day-to-day activities.

These softwares can be used as a part of businesses’ internal control system to minimize the errors & frauds which might be occurred. Client can select already developed software for similar nature of tasks or customized new software.

Social Media Fan Page Development

We develop clients’ social media fan pages in an attractive way to engage more people with their businesses. If the clients want back-end facility, it can be proved through our technical staff. If not, the development part is done by us.