Business Registration

Exito Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd designed a REGISTRAR service to register clients’ businesses according to their requirements. Registration of a business is not a compulsory requirement for some business, but a registered business will have a better reputation than other business. In additionally, registration of a business helps you to gain more advantages than others too such as easiness to obtain bank loans, Etc.

In REGISTRAR service, we register Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Non-Profit Organizations & Private Limited Companies by reducing the involvement of our customer & for a lower cost, as well as within a shorter time period.

In addition to the business registration, Exito Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd guide & help our clients to register their intellectual properties; Trade Marks, Geographical Indications (GI), Patents & Copyrights.

Registration of Sole Proprietorship

We register your Sole Proprietorship Organization, by fulfilling the requirements of Business Name Ordinance No. 06 of 1986

Registration of Partnership

We register your Sole Proprietorship Organization, by fulfilling the requirements of Partnership Act 1890 & Fraud Prevention Act 1940.

Registration of Private Limited Company

Exito Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd offers a Special Package for the Private Limited Business Registration under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007, to motivate our clients to register their businesses as Private Limited Company to get much advantages than others. The package includes,

01. Incorporation of company (Registrar of Companies)

02. Registration of Articles of Associations and Filing Form 01

03. Filing Form 18 & 19

04. Obtaining Certificate of Incorporation

05. Obtaining Certified copy of Form 01

06. Articles of Associations (Originals)

07. Publishing of Public three daily newspapers (Sinhala, Tamil, English)

08. Gazette Notice

09. Company Embossed Seal

10. Director’s Seal

11. Secretary’s Seal

12. Directors Minute Book

13. Share Ledger Book

14.Share Certificates