Business Plan Preparation

B’PLANNER service is designed to preparation of business plans for the all kind of businesses. Business pan can be identified as an initial step of starting successful business. As well as Business Plan is the Basic requirement of obtaining a Loan from a financial institution to the development of your business & a well prepared business plan guides your business beyond the success.

Under B’PLANNER service, Exito Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd prepares business plans for the Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Non-Profit Organizations & Private Limited companies which are manufacturing goods or providing services.

In addition to the business plan preparations of above mentioned businesses, we prepare essential & valuable plans for new products / services / branches / expansions of existing businesses based on the clients’ requirements.

Prices of the B’PLANNER service depend on the,

- Nature of the organization

- Nature of the product / service

- Level of Customization

- Initial investment

- Word Limit

- Amount of time spending