Auditing & Taxation Services

TAXUDITOR is well-designed service by Exito Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd to provide Taxation & Auditing services to our clients. A good business pays relevant taxes correctly. Auditing provides an assurance about your business and it helps businesses to prevent the frauds & errors which might be occurred.

Payment of taxes is a legal requirement of all kind of businesses. Auditing is a legal requirement for Private Limited Companies & Public Companies.

Taxation Service

Taxation service under TAXUDITOR mainly focuses on calculation the taxes & submitting the tax returns on correct time with lower involvement od our clients. Following are the main taxes which Exito Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd calculates and submits behalf of our clients.

- Income Tax

- Value Added Tax (VAT)

- Suspended Value Added Tax (SVAT)

- Nation’s Building Tax (NBT)

- Economic Service Charge (ESC)

- Pay As You Earn Tax (PAYE)

Auditing Service

Auditing Service under TAXUDITOR mainly focuses on financial audits of our client businesses. By obtaining this service form us a client business can get a third-party assurance on their financial behaviors. This service will help to evaluate the existing internal controls on financial activities & to implement new internal controls over financial activities of the businesses.

Two main types of Financial Audit services are provided by Exito Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd based on the clients’ requirements as follows.

Final Financial Audit

Annual Final Financial Audit is a legal requirement of all the businesses except Sole Proprietorships & Partnerships. But, they also can request to conduct a Final Financial Audit from us to get a better assurance.

We provide you this service to fulfill the legal requirement as well as to get a third-party assurance on businesses’ financial activities during a one year of period.

Interim Financial Audit

Interim Financial Audit is not a legal requirement. But, according to the management’s requirement, an interim financial audit can be conducted. Also, it is a part of an internal audit process.

We provide you this service to fulfill the management’s requirements to get third-party assurance on financial activities & the Internal controls on financial activities.