Accounting Services

B’KEEPER service has been designed to provide the accounting services to our clients. Properly maintained accounting records show a better image about the business. It is much helpful to make the economic decisions of the business. As well as, it will be definitely help you to manage the cost of the business.

Under B’KEEPER service, we provide our clients all the accounting services under two main sub categories; Financial Accounting Services & Management Accounting Services. Following are the services provide under these two main categories.

Financial Accounting Services

- Book Keeping

- Preparation of Interim Financial Statements

- Preparation of Final Financial Statements

- Financial reporting for special projects

Managements Accounting Services

- Preparation of Budgets

- Preparation of Project Proposals

- Investments Appraisal

Above Services are in regular portfolio of the B’KEEPER. In additional clients can make request for any other accounting service from Exito Global Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.